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"The Test Drive"

Only Hearing Aid Associates lets you "Test Drive" several brands of hearing aids before you buy. We have demo hearing aids from all the major hearing aid manufacturers.

Through a comprehensive hearing test, including speech testing, we will know what your hearing needs are. We will then discuss what your daily life is like; what things you're not currently hearing, what you'd like and need to hear again, and most of all, what is important for you to regain.

  • Is everything difficult to hear or are you just lacking clarity in noisy situations?

  • Are you having trouble hearing only certain types of voices?

  • Do others complain that the TV is too loud?

  • Are you having difficulty communicating at distance or when the person you're trying to talk to is just in another room?

  • How well do you hear everything being said when in a small group of 4 or 5 people?

  • How well are you able to follow conversation at meetings?

  • Are you hearing everything being said at your place of worship?

  • What is your level of social interaction? Do you spend a lot of time with large groups of people or only smaller groups of friends and family?

  • What are the most important situations for you to hear with clarity and understanding?

  • How important is it for your hearing aids to be small and not easily visible?

  • Do you want your hearing aids to be Rechargeable?

Once we know the answers to these sorts of questions we'll be able to recommend hearing aids and you'll be able to "Test Drive" hearing aids immediately, before you buy them.


We offer a full line of hearing aids from all the major manufacturers


Rechargeable options from Signia/Siemens with the Primax 7, Primax 5 and Primax 3.


Rechargeable options from Phonak with its Audéo B-R